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November 15, 2010

We could have made it home today but we are picking up a few things we left until the last so we didn't have to travel the entire road trip with them. Quick stops in and out of places as we know exactly what we want. We became quite sad when we passed the junction of Highway 405 and 90 in Bellevue. That is where we turned and started our whole trip back on September 2 at the Gorge with all the kids. We have truly come full circle, but what a circle it was. One last night in Everett and then Hwy. 5 all the way home with a few more stops to pick up items. We can hardly wait to see our kids!!!

I've attached a couple of pictures of us on the Oregon Coast.

See you all soon,


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November 14, 2010

As it was Sunday we treated ourselves to breakfast out at an award winning restaurant in Seaview. It was delicious. Only thing missing was Nascar on the TV. Of course they didn't have TV's in this restaurant but I always associate a Sunday Morning Fry up with Nascar. We continued along 101 just to stay on the coast as long as possible. We finally turned on to 12 and ended up on Hwy. 5 just above Centralia. We decided to go into Centralia as I had purchased my favorite jeans at an outlet store there a few years ago when we came through with Linda. Stopped and got a couple more pair. It is very difficult to find ladies jeans in long - which I need and they had long in every style. We are camped overnight at Millersylvania State Park just below Olympia. We were bad campers today. In preparation for going across the border we have been letting our happy hour stock dwindle. Too much as we had nothing for tonight. We ended up drinking a bottle of wine we had bought to bring home for Christmas. We did enjoy it and we did say Merry Christmas with the first glass.

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November 13, 2010

The Tillamook Cheese Factory was interesting and tasty. We picked up a few different kinds that hopefully will make it till Christmas to be put out for guests, and I don't mean that it might go bad! We were disappointed that they don't ship cheese. We thought a few gift baskets sent to family and friends would make excellent Christmas gifts but no such luck. For the first time we feel like it is fall. It is drizzling rain and very foggy. We stopped at Cannon Beach to see Haystack rock but it was so foggy we didn't get a good view. We didn't manage to photograph the rest of our recommended spots either as you could not see further than the car in front of us. Drove through many picturesque towns. We stopped at another Costco to try and find that elusive Kirkland Scotch but again no luck, sorry Wayne. They only sell wine in the Costco's in Oregon.

Crossing the bridge in Astoria, we were reminded of the cruise we took with the Hussen Family and our Family a couple of years ago when we celebrated Phil's birthday and Phil became the Oosterdamm Super Star. Fun times. Me thinks it is time to plan another family cruise. Any one want to join us?

We are in Washington now at a campground in Long Beach, again right on the ocean. We are looking at a 9 mile long beach. We were wishing it wasn't raining as we were itching to get out there and walk. We did for a bit till we got too cold and it became Happy Hour.

It is hard to believe that our Road Trip 2010 is quickly coming to an end. We are planning on arriving home on Tuesday November 16. It will be sad not to be on the road anymore but it will be good to 'ketchup' with family and friends and be able to sit down and have face to face conversations. It's been great to be away but it will be great to be home again.

Hugs to all,


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November 12, 2010

We continue to follow Hwy 101 and found 4 more of our scenic photo ops. We took a small by-pass road called Three Capes Loop in order to be able to stay on the coast. At a small town called Pacific City we found a brewpub, Pelican Pub and Brewery. Gotta love an internationally recognized beer, award-winning cuisine and a view to die for. We even managed to get a table by the window. We are still on the loop and again are camped on the beach, in Cape Lookout State Park. Tillamook tomorrow. I'm excited as we plan to tour the Cheese Factory. Tillamook cheese is one of my favorites.

The California coast was mostly sandy beaches with lots of surfers. The Oregon coast is more rugged with lots of towering bluffs and all kinds of rock formations in the water which of course make for serious wave action. Not good for surfing but sure good for viewing and listening to. Love the sound of that surf pounding on the beach.

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November 11, 2010

Remembrance Day today. We must get a Canadian Flag for the Motor Home. There was American Flags everywhere and we were wishing we could have flown ours. I did wear my maple leaf hat.

We have left Californa and are now in Oregon. We stopped at the first tourist information booth we passed and they gave us this awesome book a Mile-By-Mile Guide of the Oregon Coast. All the facts and figures and descriptions of every vista you pass. In it we found a list of the Top 10 Photo Ops. We have challenged ourselves to stop at as many of them as we can. We managed to find 3 of them today. The coast in Oregon is definatly more picturesque than California and the road is much better for travelling in an RV. Also, the State campgrounds are amazing. They have full hookups and most of them have showers. The one we are staying at tonight, The Jessie M. Honeymoon Memorial Campground is nicer than some of the private campgrounds we have stayed and for a lot less $'s.

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