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November 5, 2010

Slept in a bit and then walked the beach to the Pismo Beach Pier. Walked out to the end and watched the fellows fishing and surfing. The waves looked 7 to 8 feet high. A good way to realize how high those waves are is to be standing on that pier when they go by. Not a sport for me I'm afraid. We walked around the town, a quaint little seaside community. You could just imagine how hopping it would be in the summer time.

We lucked in to be here at the very start of the Monarch Butterfly annual migration. It is in a large eucalyptus grove at the campsite right beside us. You can walk right in where they are and have a very up close and personal experience. A Docent was there and we managed to hear one of her talks. Very informative and very beautiful to see. We are hoping some of our pictures turned out. If we have a good shot we will send it along.

More coast line tomorrow and we are hoping to get into Hearst Castle.

Hugs to all,


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November 4, 2010

We had heard of a perfect place for Don and I to visit in Los Alamos. Don and I have often said if we were going to open up a business it would have a Mustang parts department on one side (Don's Repro Depo), a Tim Hortons in the middle and a Fabric store on the other side (Melody Made). This wasn't exactly right but close. Would you believe we found an Antique Mall with a Wine Pub. A very large Antique Mall as it turns out. Don actually enjoyed poking around more than I did. He found one of his 'Naughty' Ashtrays but it was $150.00 unlike the ones he has already which I think were under $20.00. Natalie and Linda will know what I mean. We did find a Morris chair that I am kicking myself we didn't buy. At the time I couldn't figure out how to get it home. Last night I realized it would have fit in our 'basement' if we had rearranged a few things. It had a tall back and was covered in a blue fabric. Wished I'd thought of that plan yesterday.

Next we stopped at the Dunes Center in Guadalupe, CA. It is housed in a restored 1910 Craftsman style home. I hadn't realized that all those Craftsman style homes were originally kit houses purchased mostly from Sears & Roebuck and built by the purchaser. Pretty impressive for a kit house. They have displays about the dunes but the main reason we stopped in was to see "The Lost City of Demille" exhibit. It details the making of the 1923 Cecil B. DeMille silent film The Ten Commandments. After they finished filming there were supposed to take everything away. Very secretively he buried the entire set in the Dunes. It wasn't until he published his autobiography and more research done sometime in 1991 that it was realized that the set was still there. They have found where it is buried and have excavated some of it which was on display.

We then of course had to go to the Guadalupe-Nipomo Dunes Complex which is an 18-mile stretch of coastal dunes some of them 500 feet high. This is were the movie was filmed. It sure felt good to hear that surf pounding in and walk along that soft sandy beach.

Now we are at a nice campground in Pismo Beach, right on the beach. We can hear the surf quite plainly from our spot. We have decided to stay here until Saturday as Phil has a show tomorrow night which is being streamed and we have very good internet here.

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November 3. 2010

We had the brakes checked out on the motor home today. There wasn't anything wrong with them but they had started 'squeeling' and Don wanted to make sure everything was still okay. Apparently Buellton is world famous for their Pea Soup. Pea Soup is one of Don's favorites. He said it was okay but no where near as good as the Pea Soup his Mom used to make.

We spent the afternoon at a place called Solvang which is a town totally Danish in heritage, customs and atmosphere. We both felt like we had somehow hopped on a plane and were in Europe. A very picturesque place full of delightful Danish architecture and windmills and about a dozen wine tasting rooms. We did some tasting, some good, some bad as usual. Thank goodness Don was driving.

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November 2, 2010

We are finally on our way to the OCEAN which I have to admit I have been missing. I guess when you live on the coast for most of your life you just take it for granted that it is just down the street anytime you want to go look at it. When you can't do that anymore things just don't feel right. Along the way we stopped at a place called Vista del Lago Vistors Centre which overlooks Pyramid Lake. Both the centre and the lake are facilities of the California State Water Project. Along our travels we kept passing over or beside California Aqueducts plus when we were at Mono Lake we heard how they were diverting so much water to Los Angeles that the lake level was going down and affecting all the life there. We thought it would be interesting to see what they were doing with all that water. The centre was very interesting. We felt like we had time travelled back to Expo 86 from the way it was set up. It made sense and they explained what they did with all the water but made no mention of what they were doing to the communities that they were diverting the water from.

Our first sight of the ocean was at Ventura. Ah, heaven, BEAUTIFUL. We stopped and had lunch and I would have been happy just to stay. We hope to travel along the coast as much as possible on our way home. First though, what good is a trip to California without touring some of the wine area. We stopped at a place called Buellton where there are more than 60 wineries within a 15-mile radius of the town. We found out the movie 'Sideways' was filmed in this area. I had a good chuckle remembering the time Mari Anne, Linda and I were on a plane traveling to London watching that movie. Mari Anne decided to try tasting the wine like they did in the movie. Only problem was she was drinking out of a small plastic cup and when she went to sniff the wine she accidently snorted a nose full. The three of us started laughing but the only problem was it was not at a funny moment in the movie. We sure got some strange stares and it didn't take much to make us laugh again. It still makes me laugh every time I think of it.

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November 1, 2010

Just outside of Palm Springs and on our way just happened to be an Outlet Mall. A very large Outlet Mall. We of course stopped to try and do some Christmas Shopping. I have to admit I was a very bad girl. That darn Siren lured me in to the Coach store. Not just any normal Coach store, a GIANT Coach store, about 6 times bigger than the one I go to in Mount Vernon. The clearance section was larger than the store in Mount Vernon and they had Coach shoes which I've never seen before. There is just something about nabbing a Coach bag for 50% off the already marked down price PLUS an additional 20% that just seems to be one of those defining moments. Oh yeah, we did find a few Christmas gifts also.

Don is still thinking of upgrading the Motor Home. He would like a Class A and one of the ones he is considering is a Rexhall that you can only buy from the factory which happens to be in Lancaster, California so we went to have a look. Beautiful units very well made and apparently they are coming out with an even shorter one next year which is good because we don't want anything too big and gives Don some time to do some more looking.

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