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October 26, 2010

Still no sign of the Mavers or Melody. We were informed today that as we are not 'members', we have to move on October 28. Of course they tried to sell us a membership. Of all the places we have stayed I would give this maybe a 5. The facilities are very old and the washrooms are in need of some major repair. When I asked about this type of repair work I was not given a straight answer. We aren't thinking of buying into anything anyway and had only come here to visit our friends. We sure didn't know we were going to have to put up with a sales pitch AND still have to pay for the priviledge of staying in this very in need of TLC resort.

Some of you have been asking when we are due home. We plan to arrive back in White Rock around November 15/16. Joy is coming to town for her annual Christmas buying trip From November 21 to 28 and I can't miss that! Don and I appreciate the notes we have been getting from you. Makes us feel not so far away when we hear about goings on at home. We also appreciate the fact that you don't seemed to be 'bored' with our adventures. I can go on and on so it's nice to know you are looking forward to our tales.

It's so windy here.... Attached (or by seperate e-mail if the computer won't let me) is 2 new photos. One showing the lovely view from the spot we are in right now and the next one is a zoomed in shot. See all those windmills. No wonder it's so freaking windy here. For those on Facebook we posted a Route 66 Album last night.

Hugs, Melody

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October 25, 2010

A very Happy Birthday to Tracey and Happy Anniversary to Eryn and Steph. It is so windy here we feel like we are at our place at The Point. The wind kept us awake almost all last night and it is blowing so hard today we have had to stay inside the motor home. Getting lots of reading done. We've just managed to get internet again so have been catching up on a few e-mails.

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October 24, 2010

We did drive all along the Sultan Sea. In fact we parked and had lunch in one of the campgrounds overlooking the sea. It is one of the largest inland bodies of saltwater at 35 by 15 miles. Lots and lots of birds, especially Pelicans, but not very picturesque. We decided not to stay overnight and continued on to Desert Hot Springs. One of Don's fellow barbershoppers spends the winter down here and we had met a lady named Melody on our last cruise who just happens to be in the park next door. We thought we could visit both of them. Turns out the Mavers aren't due here until October 28 and Melody wasn't home when we stopped in to see her. We have booked into the Catalina Spa and RV Resort planning to stay until after the Mavers arrive.

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October 17 - 23, 2010

We have been in Yuma this whole week at a resort called Araby Acres. Mostly permanent park models but they have a couple of rows for travelers like us. The weather has been around 80 everyday so we have been enjoying the pool and soaking up a few rays. We were in Yuma once before just over 20 years ago and boy has this place changed. It is a very large city now with every amenity you can possibly think of. The park is right next door to a Marine air base so it is like having our own air show everyday. Noisy but not constantly so it hasn't been a nuisance. The people are extremely friendly. Too friendly sometimes as I'm on the 3rd Diana Gabaldon book and I want everyone to stop talking to me so I can read.

Not much else to report so I will close for now and include a few pictures. The one with all the red rock and dirt was taken from our camp site in Monument Valley, one is a shot of the Grand Canyon south rim, one a shot of one of the cliff dwellings in Mesa Verda and the last one was just a fun shot we had to take. We have been putting on some miles!

We leave tomorrow for a week in Palm Springs but will be stopping overnight at The Sultan Sea enroute. We want to welcome the newest member of our family - a wee girl for Robin and Julia. How exciting. No name yet.

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October 16, 2010

Before leaving Prescott we went into town and toured the Sharlot Hall Museum. There was 3 acres of historic buildings, exhibits and gardens. The houses were amazing. After seeing so many 'ruins' it was refreshing to see buildings restored to their splendor. I do love Victorian architecture. We discovered that a street near the museum was totally devoted to Antiques. We of course had to go have a wee route around. I was excited to find 6 blue and white butter knives that is exactly like 6 I have already AND they were on sale. For $7.95 I got the 6 knives with their own holder. Now I have a set of 12 to go with my dishes. SCORE!

We have travelled as far as Wickenburg and plan to make it to Yuma tomorrow. Don wants the computer to check out more places so I'd best send this. You'll have to wait for pictures till we get to Yuma. We plan to stay there for a week and I'm sure we will have internet access. I'm hoping to send some pictures from there. For those on Facebook we did post our Albuquerque Balloon Fiesta pictures.

Later, Melody

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