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October 10, 2010

We travelled from Durango to Mesa Verde Park. Along the way we actually saw a sign that said Caution Cattle Drive in Progress. Sure enough a few miles along we passed an actual cattle drive complete with cows, horses, dogs and cowboys. It seemed to be a family driving the herd and the cutest thing was this little kid, no more than about five, sitting on a big horse helping. He even had a cowboy hat on.

Mesa Verde Park is amazing. It is an archeological heritage site of the Ancestral Puebloans and has over 600 cliff dwellings. Today we went about half way into the park and stopped at all the view points and toured one mesa-top farming community with the remains of five villages and a reservoir. Pretty interesting to see how they built things way back then.

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October 9, 2010

We are in Durango, Colorado on our way to Mesa Verde (another destination recommended by Jamie and Brian so we know we are in for a treat). Don has started his own turquoise collection! It was just a traveling day so not much to report. The scenery is more like home with mountains and trees and we have even passed some bodies of water for the first time in ages. It is making us a wee bit home sick, especially with the thought of not being with friends and family for Thanksgiving. We will miss either having a turkey with Natalie and Phil or being at Green Lake with Linda and Denny.

While we were in Albuquerque we were watching the news everyday to see what the weather was going to be like to plan our day for the festival. When they give you the gold and silver and the stock closings for the day they do not tell you how the Canadian dollar is doing to the American and the Pound etc. but they do tell you what your watering restrictions are for the next day!

All for today. We are hoping the internet connection is good enough for us to catch Phil's show tonight. Starts at 7:30 and you too can watch it at www.castlebravo.tv for free.

H A P P Y T H A N K S G I V I N G one and all.

Hugs, Melody

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October 8, 2010

(Happy Birthday Dale). We said our goodbye to Albuquerque and moved on to Sante Fe New Mexico. We thoroughly enjoyed the Balloon Fiesta and recommend it as something to add to your list of things to do. We know if Richard had been with us we would have signed up to be on a chase team and to be ground crew but we feel, for first timers, we had a good experience. We did find out why Albuquerque is supposed to be the perfect place for Balloons. It has to do with the winds and is called The Box Effect. The high rising mountains and nearby low valley create this phenomenon with ideal wind patterns nearly every day of the year. The confluence of upper and lower winds moving in different directions allows balloons to move across the sky in one direction at one altitude and back again at another altitude, often landing close to initial launch sites. And you thought I was just spending this holiday shopping.

On our way to Santa Fe we had another Zen road recommended to us called the Turquoise Trail. It was very scenic and passed through a ghost town that really isn't a ghost town anymore. Locals have taken it over and turned it into an artists destination. We poked around a few shops and found the place apparently that is in a movie called Wild Hogs. Now we just have to see the movie to see what they were talking about.

We passed an Outlet Mall on our way into Santa Fe and of course stopped. I did force myself to stay out of the Coach store.

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October 7, 2010

(Happy Birthday Joy and I boo booed on my last journal. Tracey and Shaun have only been married 15 years NOT 25 as I reported.) Another exciting day at the Balloon Fiesta. We went on the first shuttle bus in the afternoon so that we could tour the Balloon Museum. The first bus didn't leave until just after 3:30 so we didn't get to the Museum till 4:30. We went to pay and the lady said the museum was closing at 5. You'd think during the run of the fiesta they would have extended hours wouldn't you? She said we could go in the gift shop. We were paying for our purchases and we were telling the teller how disappointed we were not to see the museum. She said just to go in and take our time touring as they don't close until the last guest leaves and they never hurry any one out. We were happy to see some of the history of ballooning and Don was really happy cause we didn't have to pay. They even had a quilt exhibit.

We then wandered around the site of the Fiesta. Think PNE with the arcade and all the food vendors and sellers minus the mini donuts. It was fun to taste some of the local food and look at some local handicrafts. We were waiting for it to get dark for them to do the Night Magic Glow. That is when they tether all the balloons and inflate them. They then turn on their burners and the balloons light up. Unfortunately the weather since we have been here is not cooperating and it was deemed too windy for them to do this event safely. A little disappointing but - they did go ahead with the fireworks. Don and I didn't realize it but we were almost right under where they were lighting them off. A very impressive show that lasted 20-30 minutes. I was wishing Charlie was sitting beside me. I tried very hard to get a decent photograph but I don't think I succeeded. Won't know till I download everything onto the lap top.

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October 6, 2010

(Happy 25th! Anniversary Tracey and Shaun.) We are having another day off today to catch up on bills, this journal, a wee bit of mending etc. The sky again this morning was full of balloons. It's becoming old hat but still thrilling to see. The weather continues to hold it's own at around 28 degrees C. There is a lovely pool here and if we get all our chores done we may go lounge around it. There is no palm trees growing so there will be no swimming, for me any way.

Hugs to all, Melody

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