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October 5, 2010

(Happy Birthday Eryn.) Again, the sky above us was full of balloons when we got up. So much fun to not have to go anywhere and be able to see this great event.

Mila suggested we go up the Sandia Peak Aerial Tramway. It is the worlds longest aerial tramway at 2.7 miles and you travel up to 10,378 feet. What a view. We had timed it to be able to take in the start of America's Challenge Gas Balloon Race but it was cancelled because of forecasted thunder storms in the area. This race apparently goes on for days. Once the balloons take off the winner is the one that travels the furthest. Two years ago the winner ended up somewhere in Canada.

We passed a Costco on the way back and had to stop in to see if we could find the famous 'Kirkland Scotch' for Wayne for Christmas. No luck. We did find 'Kirkland Vodka' though and hold out hope that we will eventually find this Scotch we were told about at Joy and John's wedding.

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October 4, 2010

A day off today however the wind was blowing our way so the sky above us was full of balloons. How cool was it to sip our morning coffee and watch a balloon or two land in the parking lot beside us. Today would have been my day to take by Biddie's out to Zellers and lunch. I kept wishing they were here with me as I know they would have enjoyed the site.

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October 3, 2010

Oh dark thirty is an expression I have heard my brother Wayne use ALL the time. Today I know what the expression means. We were up sooo freaking early but we wanted to make it over to the balloon site in time for the Mass Ascension. We could see the Dawn Patrol out the bus window as we got closer. The Dawn Patrol is where they send several balloons up in the morning while it is still dark so they can determine winds etc. Of course while they are up there they but on a show by lighting up there balloons. Mass Ascension starts at 7 a.m. and can take hours. Hundreds of balloons are launched from the park in waves. The park is 78 acres, about the size of 54 football fields It is all marked off in a grid pattern with the balloons lined up in rows. They take off in rows. As each row is emptied another set of balloons lines up to take off. At any point in time you just do not know where to look as there is something to see EVERYWHERE. And the variety of balloons - amazing. Both Don and I are concerned that our pictures will just not do it justice. The most unusual thing to us is that spectators are not kept off the field. You can walk anywhere and talk to anyone and reach out and touch a balloon or a basket. It is the closest we have ever been to an event we have taken in.

Once the balloons had cleared one end of the field a bunch of cars come on for a car show. Don was in heaven.

Back to the campsite and got ready to take in the fireworks which unfortunately were cancelled due to the weather again. It was just wind this time and not thunder and lightening.

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October 2, 2010

We set our alarm to get up earlier than we usually do (well a little earlier anyway) as the balloons were taking flight at 7:00 a.m. and we had been told you could see them from our campsite. It was off in the distance but you could for sure see them. Hundreds and Hundreds of balloons. Today the weather was blowing the opposite direction from us so the balloons travelled away from us. You could still see them though and even from a distance it was quite a site.

Don decided to go to the car museum. It's right next door to our campground. I've seen enough of cars for awhile so opted to go for a pedicure. Thanks to Mavine I just don't feel right without a few diamonds on my toes.

This evening we had hoped to see the fireworks associated with the balloon festival but they were cancelled due to the weather. We did sit outside for the longest time enjoying mother natures display of thunder and lightening. It finally got so close we felt we should go inside to be safe. You know those cartoons where they show a blast of some kind and you see through a body and see the outline of the skeleton? Well, I'm sure that happened tonight. There was one blast right over head that was so loud and so bright I swear I could see all our bones.

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October 1, 2010

Another day of cleaning and laundry and moving to our spot for the fiesta. Of all the camp sites in Albuquerque and the surrounding area, and I'm sure there has to be at least 20 of them, I just do not understand why ours happens to be right next door to a car museum!

We are sad that Richard (to most of you Carol's Richard but to Don and I the King of the Corn Roast) will not be joining us. Don and I are mere novice's when it comes to the art of Hot Air Ballooning. We are only here because we have done several jig saw puzzles with the sky full of balloons. We always thought they were beautiful puzzles so why not go see it in person. Richard, who is a ballooning aficionado, had hoped to join us but work prevents him from doing so. Now we have to figure out all by ourselves what the heck a Dawn Patrol is and what do they do at a Mass Ascension and is it worth getting up to be there at 7 a.m. to see it? Don found in the schedule for Sunday something called 'Fiesta of Wheels Car Show'. Wanna bet we will be there on Sunday? Stand by for Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta reports.

Hugs all around, Melody

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