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September 30, 2010

As we were at one side of Albuquerque on Route 66 we decided to travel all the way to the other side on the olde road. We even found a map that showed where all the old neon signs, motels, service stations, coffee shops and drive-ins were or had been located. We managed to find several of the places that are still there. Lots of them were closed and boarded up but some were still in use or had been converted to something else. We stopped and toured around the Old Town which dates back to 1706. A big old spanish church still in use and lots and lots and lots of 'tourist type' stores. We poked in a few and picked up a couple of interesting items.

We were not supposed to check into our campground for the Balloon Fiesta until tomorrow but we decided to see if we could get in a day early. We were able to but not in the spot we would be staying in for the 8 days of the Fiesta.

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September 29, 2010

(Happy 8th Anniversary to Bob and Judy and Happy 38th Anniversary to Don and I.) Poor Don. All last night I kept accusing him of tooting. Then I made him go and check the sewer hook up and then add even more deodorizer to the toilet. Wasn't till I made the bed today and opened the curtain that I realized our spot backed onto a horse farm. There were horses mere feet from our bedroom window behind a high fence. And yes we do have photographic proof.

We had big plans for our Anniversary. We were going to check into a campground in Acomita behind a Casino. Thought we would play a little slot poker and have an anniversary dinner in the casino restaurant. We got there at around 10:30 in the morning. Turns out Casino campgrounds are very popular as we could not get a spot. We continued on and spent the better part of the day at Acoma Pueblo (Sky City). We did pay the big bucks to tour this place and we did pay to be able to take pictures but once we saw this place sitting atop a 367 foot mesa we just had to go. It has been continuously occupied since the mid-12th-century and there is a large Spanish Mission that dates from 1629. We had a very friendly and knowledgeable tour guide. We stayed there so long we ended up having a delicious meal in their visitors centre.

We finally left and went to another casino in the hopes of staying there. The campground was nothing but a gravel parking lot with electric hookups sticking up. No other amenities and absolutely no shade. We continued on and ended up on the West side of Albuquerque at a campground on olde Route 66.

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September 26, 2010

That's today and I won't bore you with my ironing techniques and Don's paper towel holder hanging up prowess. We are having a much deserved down day. BBQ some chicken for diner with a nice chilled wine. Don has mapped out a route south of Gallup that we are going to make take 5 days. The host here recommended two more nice shopping places along the way. Oh Boy! Don, keep that Visa card handy.

Hugs all around,


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September 25, 2010

As one of the purposes of this trip was to do as much of Route 66 as possible, we had to drive into Gallup along the olde Route. Unlike Arizona they don't appear to have a 'preservation' society so even though the old road is there and marked, there isn't much on it. Lots and lots of 'tourist trap souvenir' places and stores that sell native Navajo wares. We had asked our host at the campground where she would shop as I was determined to buy at least one piece of turquoise jewelry. We went to the one shop she recommended and found beautiful authentic pieces priced very well. After much deliberation I picked out a bracelet and Don was just about to pay for it when I could hear something calling 'Melody - over here'. There was the most beautiful pendant of turquoise AND topaz. I have several topaz items already so it was the perfect pendant. We walked away both very pleased - me pleased with what we'd found and Don pleased with the price.

While downtown we did walk around and view some of the murals they have painted on some of their buildings. We also found a statue of a Navajo Code Talker from World War II. Apparently there was an entire battalion of Navajo who put a code in place to exchange secret messages that no one, to this day has been able to break.

We did find the Hotel El Rancho which was on Route 66 in it's heyday. Someone bought it in 1963 and restored it to it's original splendor. Several movies have been filmed in this area and this is where the stars stayed. The lobby is full of autographed pictures of all those very famous stars. We even found an autographed photo of Howard Hughes. It must be worth a fortune. It was bolted to the wall. I checked. We wanted to have a drink in the bar but it was only 4 in the afternoon and the bar wasn't open yet. I guess their happy hour starts later than ours.

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September 24, 2010

We toured the North half of the park today. More of the same as yesterday but all equally impressive. Thanks again Jamie and Brian. Don and I think you should start a business - Recommended RVing or RVing for Dummies or ........

Back to Gallup today and the same RV Park on Route 66. We have decided to stay here for the weekend. A very nice friendly campground, laundry facilities, dinner if I don't feel like cooking.

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