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September 23, 2010

Do we ever LOVE Jamie and Brian. We drove up to Canyon DeChelly Park and toured the South half of it today. We stayed there over night at a FREE (first one of those) State campground right in the park. The park is amazing. It has several cliff dwellings in rock walls that rise straight up over 1,000 feet from the valley below. Unlike the Grand Canyon they had several very good outlooks that I did not feel I was on an episode of Fear Factor. I was still very cautious at the edge mind you. The dwellings are quite well preserved. Neither Don or I could figure out how the heck they built such structures with the tools they had available to them way back then. In a separate e-mail I will send a picture.

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September 22, 2010

First thing in the morning we stopped at a store to get a piece of this petrified wood we had been hearing so much about. We felt duty bound to bring a wee piece home to show you all. We had to have it wrapped up and taped before we entered Petrified Forest National Park to prove we had not picked it up in our travels. There is an abundance of the stuff in the park but apparently tons going missing each month. It is easy to see why as it is quite beautiful. It looks more like marble than wood. The store where we purchased our piece had some beautiful items made out of the wood (especially the coffee and dining room tables). All very expensive and too heavy to bring home in a motor home.

A bonus of going through this park was to find a remnant of Route 66. The road is gone but the wood telephone poles stretch as far as you can see in both directions. The new highway is just off in the distance so it made for quite an eerie sight.

The painted desert is also part of this park. Around every corner was a different palette of colour. We kept stopping to take yet another picture as it was completely different every few miles. On our way to Gallup, New Mexico not much of Route 66 was to be found although there was several 'tourist trap type' souvenir places to beckon you off the highway. Didn't work on us as by now it was awfully close to happy hour.

Stopped for the night at an RV Park in Gallup which to my delight you could buy a lovely dinner right in the Park at their ' Cook House ' for a very small fee - gotta love it when someone else does the cooking. We began to realize we were going to arrive too early at our destination of Albuquerque on October 1st. Pulling the maps out and all the places Jamie and Brian told us were a must see we realize we are only about 2 inches on the map to Canyon DeChelly Park, a place they had highly recommended.

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September 21, 2010

Today we got back on goode ole Route 66. Of course we stopped in Winslow Arizona to have our picture taken on 'the' corner. A 'nice' group of bikers asked Don to take their picture. All of you who have had your picture taken by Don know the long drill of one, two, threeee before he takes the shot. Well, this group is standing in the middle of the intersection holding up traffic to get this shot and Don is making sure the picture is composed 'just perfect'. For a moment there I thought the bikers were getting a wee irritated but it all turned out okay. We stopped at a couple of other famous picture spots along the way and have ended up in Holbrook for the night. We of course had an early supper in Joe and Aggie's Cafe. That is our 3rd diner on Route 66. Don had a burger but I tried their Mexican fare. All pretty tasty. Tomorrow we hit the Petrified Forest and Painted Desert.

I hear a cold beer calling my name!


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September 20, 2010

(Happy Anniversary Jillian and Ryan) We spent the morning at the North Rim of the Grand Canyon. We actually packed a lunch and hiked to Bright Angel Point and ate our lunch there. It was a spectacular view but I'm here to tell you parts of it were truly 'Fear Factor' for me - and Don sometimes as well. In parts there was nothing but the trail you were walking on which was only about 4 feet wide with a sheer drop off BOTH sides. At other points there was rock sticking into the path that you kinda had to duck around without falling down the sheer drop on the other side. And I do mean shear drop. You COULD NOT see the bottom of the canyon. Having said all that we are glad we went. I think we must have taken close to 100 shots between the 2 of us. Charlie - if you ever go on a holiday to the Grand Canyon plan on spending days there.

Tonight we were skunked for the first time in not getting into the campsite we had picked to stay at. In fact the first 2 places we went to were full. We ended up back in Flagstaff just to have a place to put our heads down.

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September 19, 2010

Thanks for the CTC update Richard, Boo and Hooray as usual. And thanks Rob for letting us know the bug that was making so much noise is called Cicadas. He also sent us a wealth of information which I won't include here as if you are interested you can Google it yourself.

We left Sedona and travelled south to a place called Montezuma Castle. It is a five-story, 20-room dwelling in a cliff recess 100 feet above the valley constructed sometime in the 1100's. It is in pretty good shape for something so old. We travelled north on Hwy. 17 then drove the part of Route 66 that winds through Flagstaff. Not much of it left there. It was disappointing actually except we did find a Ross Dress For Less. For those of you that have travelled with me before you know how much I love my Ross stores. Would you believe I was in and out in about 15 minutes. A record for me!

Then traveling north along 89 we passed some very interesting country. Our new motto is wait half an hour and the landscape will surely change. We saw painted hills, red rock, valleys, forests, interesting rock formations and much more all along this route. We drove over the Navajo Bridge which is 450 feet above the Colorado River. We parked and walked back along the old bridge. We wondered how the original settlers ever figured out how to get across and where or where were the bungy jumpers? Camping for the night at a State camp ground at Jacob Lake - gateway to the North Rim of the Grand Canyon.

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