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September 18, 2010

Happy Birthday to You

Happy Birthday to You

Happy Birthday Dear One and Only Favorite Daughter Natalie

Happy Birthday to You

The only draw back with being on the road is missing times with loved ones - especially on special days. Sigh! Hope you have a GREAT day Natalie. We will toast you at happy hour.

The camp site here is beautiful. They even have a clothes line behind the laundry room. I'm excited about sleeping on line dried sheets tonight. There is some bug in the trees and apparently it is mating season. They rub their wings together to attract a mate. It is sooo loud. We will try and find out it's name for the next report.

Could someone please let me know if anyone we know wins a CTC.

Hugs to you all, Melody

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September 17, 2010

(Happy Birthday Kerrilyn) We spent awhile in Seligman soaking up the local flavor. It is the most restored part of Route 66. We had breakfast at a diner. There was one across the street called The Road Kill Cafe but it kinda put my stomach off first thing in the morning to eat there. Boy oh boy do those Americans ever serve up big portions for breakfast. My plate could have easily fed a family of 4. And they give you a clean coffee cup with each refill right up to your last cup. Never had that happen before and it was kinda nice.

We are getting very close to Albuquerque which is where we need to be the first 10 days of October for the big Hot Air Balloon Festival so we have decided to take a few side trips off Route 66 so we do not arrive there too early. We are now in Sedona which is where all the red hills are. Most beautiful scenery. We are at a camp site right in Sedona and have decided to stay put for the rest of today and tomorrow. We need to give the motor home a good clean, Don needs to hang a few hooks and things, we need to do laundry and pay a few bills. It is going to feel good to just sit for a day I'm sure.

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September 16, 2010

(Happy 30th Birthday Willow) From Lake Havasu City we continued on Route 66 starting at Topock, passing through Oatman, Kingman, Peach Springs and several other small towns ending up in Seligman. We stopped in Oatman to have a look around. It is almost like it was in the old days when it was a mining town. There was even a saloon and the streets were full of burrows. Thats right burrows. Apparently when the miners left they did not take their burrows with them. They have adapted to life on their own but come into town every day for handouts from the locals and tourists. They were everywhere but quite tame. We also stopped in Kingman as they have a Route 66 museum and this one was open. I was quite excited to see a Burma Shave exhibit. When I was 9 or 10 my parents drove us down to Disneyland and I remember reading the Burma Shave signs as we drove along. It was fun to see them again. In fact after we left Kingman and continued along Route 66 they had placed several Burma Shave signs along the road. For you younguns it is a series of about 6 or 7 signs spaced about 50 meters apart. Each sign has a sentence and all the signs together make up a slogan with the last sign saying Burma Shave. Here is an example:








We are stopping overnight in Seligman as the fellow who started the whole restoration of Route 66 lives there and is still in his Barbershop.

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September 15, 2010

We spent most of the day on the older part of Route 66. Quite a few abandoned motels, garages and vehicles which made for some scenic shots. Don was ever on the lookout for old Mustangs but most of the cars were 40's and 50's vintage. I was glad of this as I wondered how the heck he planned on getting an old wreck home if he found one. (Okay all you folks laughing - Don has to bring me home.) We did a short detour down to Lake Havasu City which is where London Bridge is now. Don thought it was Tower Bridge that had been transplanted which is a common mistake. When I used to sing London Bridge is Falling down I always pictured Tower Bridge until the first time I went to London and was corrected. I did wonder why Don wanted to make the detour but I can understand as he thought he was going to see the Tower Bridge instead of the more low normal looking London Bridge.

Man oh man is it hot in Lake Havasu. It was 109 and I don't think it went below 100 all night. We are at a lovely campground right on the lake and in fact have the whole campground to ourselves. A beautiful spot but way too hot. We did fire up the air conditioner for the first time and it works like a dream but we did not want the noise of it all night so we turned it off. Every time I woke up dripping with sweat I just kept telling myself that people spend a fortune to have this kind of a treatment at a spa. We will be glad to move on.

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September 14, 2010

Today I am missing Book Club and I even read the book. This is the first time I have not had to wear socks. I didn't even wear socks to bed last night. I am cold all the time so you gotta know we are finally in very warm temperatures. I'm sure we will be for about a month now. Wonder when I'll get tired of it. Today we mainly travelled along Hwy. 395 to get to where we are going to start touring parts of Route 66. We finally made it to Victorville and of course had to stop at the very first diner we saw to have lunch. ' Emma's' it was called and apparently it made a segment of the show Diners Drive-ins and Dives. Our waitress had a very thick southern accent, a very fluffy ponytail, and sat down at our table to chat when she took our order. She also danced passed us not once but twice with the feature dessert of Strawberry Cobbler which was HUGE. A fun experience to start our 66 tour. We had gone to Victorville as there is a Route 66 Museum there but unfortunately it is closed on Tuesdays. We did traverse about 35 miles of Route 66 - an older part in it's original state. We are now at Shady Lane R.V. Camp in Barstow California.

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